Strange Comments Appearing

We have been getting some highly irregular comments on this blog that have very long, ominous and rather dangerous looking links included. If these are somehow generated by robots then I suppose it is just commentary to be deleted, however, if they are being manually created / written and submitted to us then pleadse abstain and do not comment again. You will honestly be wasting your time as we will not publish them.


Hello everybody!

So, first of all, if you would like to know a little more about us, we have an about us page here.

We feel incredibly passionate about all aspects of cooking and baking and after many years of contemplation and dreaming, we have decided to open up our very own cupcake shop! We are currently still in the long and arduous process of deciphering the mechanics and planning everything all out, including our branding and design, marketing etc. We will be posting about each stage of our progression, week by week or whenever it takes our fancy / we have a bit of free time on our hands and can sit down and put everything in a post.

Where are we currently? We only very recently settled on the idea of opening up a cupcake shop locally, however, in that time, we have received funding for our idea and we have almost decided on staff, what sort of cupcakes including the flavours we would like, what our shop will look like design wise and what sort of profit/loss we can expect in the early stages. We have yet to decide on a name for the business that is set in stone (our provisional name is L&J Bake) and of course, all the design that accompanies a brand name such as logo, website design and so on. We would like the colour scheme to be similar to the one we have here on this blog which is rather bakery orientated.

If I find myself with enough time and feeling adventerous enough I may find some photographs of Lisa and I to post up in this blog, or we may simply take some as we plod along on our new adventure and I can upload them here.

Please do check back often because we would sincerely appreciate any comments as we go along. We would love some positivity and inspiration, if at all possible – from anyone!